Customers Desk: Why You Should Be A Call Center Representative

Call center representatives could determine the fate of a company. They are representatives of a company and determine what kind of impression customers have of the organization in general. They have to deal with all sorts of people: the frustrating, biased, understanding and empathetic.


To be able to work as a call center representative, the first thing you need to have is knowledge of the company. You need to know everything about the company, its status in the public eye, the services it renders, the products available, how its products are used etc.

We can’t talk enough on the importance of having knowledge of the company.

Be Honest

You should always be honest with customers. As a call center representative, you should never lie, guess or make up an answer. If the customer’s problem is beyond your competence level, then you should transfer the customer to an employee who can address their needs better.

Understanding Customers

While you may see a customer as annoying, they really are just trying to get the best possible service. Therefore, you need to show empathy and see things from their point of view.

During a call, you need to be able to find out their needs and tell what mood they are in too, then you can respond appropriately.

Be Neutral

As a call center representative, you should not be biased during any conversation. You should try to be as neutral as possible, and this could go a long way in determining how well you perform at the task. Being neutral ensures that problems are solved quickly and efficiently.

Communication Skills

You need to learn to communicate well with the customers. Your English speaking skills, intonation among other things need to be top notch. As a call center representative, you would be communicating with others all day, so it is important that you keep improving your communication skills.


You should be fast, efficient and should be able to work quickly without sacrificing the quality of your work. Callers have tasks of their own, and need to have their problems resolved as fast as possible. The faster you are able to handle calls, the more calls you are able to answer and the more customers you are able to satisfy.

Interesting Fact as a Customer Representative


Call center workers who work in sales can make at least $9.86 per hour and as long as you are a good salesperson, your commission increases. While call center employees who work in customer service can earn about $14.36 per hour, but they don't get commission and on occasions and may have to deal with extremely difficult callers.

Educational Requirement

Working as a call center representative doesn’t totally require a high school degree. However, in recent times a lot of call center representative jobs require people to have the minimum of an High School Diploma, GED or its equivalent. Having a college degree further increases your chances of landing a job.

The future of call center jobs

The demand for call center representatives increases as new companies and startups come to life. Companies in the U.S. will continue to expand over the next decade and will require more call center representatives to help them manage their calls. If you wish to get an entry level position in this field, then your target should be a position in the customer service. It is certain that there would be no shortage of jobs for call center representatives.