Meet Trinity Manning CEO of Oncelogix

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OnceLogix is a ‘Forbes’ small giant

with $5 million revenue

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OnceLogix is a Black-owned health care software company that provides innovative solutions. They service almost 450 companies in several states, a majority of which are also minority-owned. Based out of North Carolina, CEO Trinity Manning, COO Rod Brown, and CFO Ty Mclaughlin are millionaires with a staff of 20. Serious about empowering their community, they frequently support causes and organizations like Big Brothers and Big Sisters. With future plans to adopt a school in their hometown of Winston-Salem, they recently donated and distributed backpacks and school supplies.


Explain how a non-tech person fits into the tech landscape.

Tech people normally are artists; they’re creative. So they always need a strong operations person, a strong finance person, there’s roles to play for people that are non-tech. The most important role in any business is sales. I tell people, “You’re gonna fail if you don’t sell.” We sell every day, whether we realize it or not, we’re all salesmen and women. It’s just whether we develop that or not — and everything can be developed.